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In case you encounter any issues please see the resolution below :

Chrome Live View solution

First here we will be discussing how to solve the live display issue with chrome. This solution is pretty straight forward. All you need to add on to google chrome browser. Please search for “IE tab “ add on and add to google chrome. Once you have added this add on you will see an e sign on the right side of the url bar. Click on the e sign on right side of URL bar you will have an internet explorer tab opened now enter your IP of NVR or camera to have a live view of your CCTV surveillance system.

Internet Explorer Solution

Generally, on Windows 8 and 10, we have Microsoft Edge built-in, but you have to search for the old Internet Explorer application. What you have to do is search for Internet Explorer in the search bar of the windows and you will see Internet Explorer now open it and punch in the address of your NVR or camera to have live view. The old Internet Explorer before Edge Explorer is compatible with xmeye plugin.

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