How To Tell If Someone Is an Addict?

Fortunately, there are a number of signs you can watch for when identifying an addict. Some of these signs are physical, while others may be behavioral. The list below contains some of the signs to watch for when trying to tell if someone is an addict.

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Dilated or constricted pupils
  • Drastic weight loss over a short period of time
  • Evidence of drug use on the body, such as needle marks
  • Frequent absenteeism or tardiness to school or work
  • Frequent confusion
  • Hostility when confronted about drug use
  • Lackadaisical attitude toward personal hygiene and grooming
  • Mood swings
  • Preoccupation with using or finding drugs/alcohol
  • Shakiness or tremors
  • Spends the majority of their time using or recovering from the effects of drugs/alcohol
  • Unable or unwilling to quit despite financial, family, health and legal problems
  • A doctor or addiction specialist will be able to tell if someone is an addict better than a layperson. We at Alternative De-Addiction, Counseling & Rehabilitation Center do an addiction diagnosis which is usually made after a thorough physical and psychological examination.

Identify the Addict…Now What?

Once a person has been diagnosed with a drug problem, the sooner they can get into a rehab or treatment program, the better it is. Unfortunately, few substance users or alcoholics will willingly enter rehab. They will sometimes need to either hit rock bottom in order to realize that they need treatment.

Loved ones can stage an intervention before this happens. During an intervention, a small group of loved ones and an addiction specialist confront a drug addict in an effort to help him or her understand the effects of their drug use. This is done in an amiable manner, as the goal of an intervention is to get a person to willingly enter drug addiction treatment.

When an addict is ready to enter treatment, they will typically meet with an addiction specialist for an assessment. During the assessment, the addiction specialist will determine the severity of the drug problem as well as the best way to treat it. The drug addict will then enter either an inpatient or outpatient drug treatment program, depending on their individual situation.

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