District De-addiction Centre

District De-addiction Centre

Alternative to Addiction Creating Centre implemented District De-addiction Centre (DDAC) project under National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction (NAPDDR) at Shamli District of Uttar Pradesh with the support from NISD (National Institute of Social Defense), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

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Objectives of the Program

The main focus of the DDAC is early prevention, education, demand reduction, identification, treatment and rehabilitation services of vulnerable individuals or individuals affected by substance use disorders.

  • Conduct primary prevention activities through awareness programs among the vulnerable and affected community
  • Engage in risk mitigation of substance use among children, adolescent/youth by:
    • Preventing substance use
    • Delaying initiation of substance use
  • ldentify and train selected peer educators in the community
  • Implement early prevention education through life skill training led by trained peer educators
  • Provide awareness about referral and linkage to counseling, treatment and rehabilitation services for substance dependent adolescents identified in the community
  • Identifying adolescents and other individuals subjected to substance use and facilitating their referral/ admission into Rehabilitation Centres/Drop In Centres
  • Provide a whole range of services which includes treatment, after care and rehabilitation including skill development for Whole Person Recovery (WPR) of dependents;
  • Undertake drug demand reduction eflorts to address all forms of illicit use of any substances and ensure overall well being of humankind;
  • Alleviate the consequences of substance dependence amongst individuals, family and society at large