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By 50%, genetic determines if one becomes drug or alcohol addicted.

Tough medical conditions can kickstart drug and alcohol abuse.

The physiology of addiction between men and women is very different, and thus requires different approaches to treatment. We provide structured and safe environment that is separated by gender.

A balanced lifestyle in recovery is the primary and ultimate treatment goal of Pinevale Addiction Center, and we utilize the therapeutic community as the primary treatment agent for change.

Pinevale gives hope to drug- and alcohol-addicted individuals, making long-term recovery a reality. The experienced and compassionate staff members join clients on their journey and walk with them for life.

10 Week Program

We’ll provide your family members with valuable knowledge about the disease of addiction.

8 Week Program

We encourage you to speak out about your problems and interact with people faced with addiction.

10 Week Program

Our medical staff and volunteers will provide you with the tools for making a long-lasting positive change

8 Week Program

This rigorous 12-step program is the essential guideline for beating addiction in a highly effective way.